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25, male, Single

Carlisle Airport, United Kingdom

hey im matty nice guy just looking for a friend or girlfriend

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33, male, Single

La Ceiba, Honduras

My hobbies, make something outside, play soccer, do karate, running, stuff like that.Sometime I saw a film movie on SaturdayMy frirnds and my we love do all things together we are championsin all we do. So now I know ehat I need a girlfriend to have my family in the not distance future.

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36, male, Single

Baldwinsville, United States

Hi I'm Dave I'm shy until I get comfortable around people never had an actual girlfriend because most of the women my friends try to set me up with aren't exactly the kind of people I want to associate with, I was raised on a farm still live their so every morning I wake up n go feed the pigs the horse and the chickens, in the summer we used to bail hay but we don't do that any more, i was living with a friend for like two years but I moved out because of the drama, I play video games I like to build things, some people tell me I'm old fashioned but i don't care, I have a degree in electrical technology,

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48, male, Single

Granby, United States

Who, me? Let's see. I'm from Philly, but have been in CA for 15 years. I'm semi-retired, but still work as a professional guitar player. I’m also a part-time dad to my six and ten year-olds, who I’m convinced are better than the rest of us—but then, I guess everyone thinks that about their kids. I’ve done a bit of dating and so on, since my separation/divorce a few years ago. At this point, I’m mainly interested in meeting someone who thinks an honest, exclusive, close relationship is the normal kind. One thing I'd like to share upfront; bear with me: Plainly, eight years ago, I had a neck injury that nicked my spinal cord. I spent the first two years largely disabled, and the last six, pushing to recover completely. These days, I move, function, and look like anyone else—perhaps even handsome and fit, yet maybe a little stiff at times throughout the day. My newer friends have no idea any of this ever happened--even a particularly 'spirited' girlfriend might never know, if I didn't tell her. In truth though, I'm still working out some muscular issues. I don't go on about this issue—nor make others deal with it—but it’s definitely a part of my life. What do I do with myself? This and that. I lead a four-piece band that will blow your mind—but then I guess everyone says that about their band. We practice a good bit, and play gigs fairly often. I do session work on the side when I can. I’ve written two books in the last three years--one of which sells a staggering two copies per month--and will likely start another soon. I'm also looking into going back to school (my first degree was useless to begin with). I have my kids twice a week, and we have an amazing time. I shoot a fair bit of pool, competitively. I have a pretty big circle of friends, and go out a few times a week to do various things. Other times, I lay low at the house…practicing guitar, cleaning, writing, cooking, reading about stuff, tending the trees, etc. My life is different now, for sure. Its

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27, male, Single

Pennington, United States

I'm Daniel Estes and I'm 21 years old and I'm single and I'm looking for a girlfriend and a mommy and a family and a nurse

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